About us


You’ve reached the right spot if you’re looking to add some excitement to your tastebuds. Chef Evolution is the solution to the most important question of the day:

What’s for dinner?

Assisting with meal prep for the week ahead or a special night in with loved ones, we offer two affordable at-home dining options that you can select from:


meals made easy

If you’re looking for homemade nutritious meals that suit your lifestyle needs and are made ahead, Meals Made Easy is undoubtedly for you. Depending on your preference, you can have one of our talented chefs visit your home and prepare a couple of meals to your dietary requirements using ingredients provided by you. You could very well opt for five meals for a family of five to be prepared on a Monday and to last until Friday. From menu planning to cooking up the meals, we ensure that you and your loved ones will always have a wholesome meal at hand. It certainly beats takeout or, even worse, mass-produced packaged frozen- and ready-to-eat meals that are full of preservatives, chemicals and artificial ingredients! The best part of Meals Made Easy is that, while most culinary services provide you with an end product, you don’t actually get to see how your food is being prepared.

With Chef Evolution and our talented chefs, you too can be part of the preparation experience, witnessing and engaging with our chefs, while not having to lift a finger! What’s not to love?

Dining revolution

We bring the ultimate in gourmet dining to the heart of your home with our Dining Revolution option. It’s as simple as selecting a chef that resonates best with your needs, confirming a couple of details and just like that, you’ll have a chef at your front door with a basket full of ingredients ready to cook up a three course meal for you and your dinner guests. Whether you’re hosting a family feast or an intimate dinner, we’ll take care of it all and leave your kitchen neat and tidy. Definitely one to consider if you’re looking for a bespoke experience with a personal touch that you know all your guests will enjoy (here’s to not having to rush a dinner companion to the emergency room due to a nut allergy, because the waiter didn’t know what was really in this chosen dish. Sigh!).